Workshop on Hierarchy of Quantum Mechanics

February 21st - 23th, 2015 Okazaki Conference Center


Okazaki Conference Center
Access Information is here or here (nearly located from Institute for Molecular Science (IMS)).
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The vast studies in the careful control of quantum states, motivated by the quantum information science with an aim to develop quantum information processors, have also enabled measurements in unprecedented precision and accuracies. The precision measurements using these quantum technologies can be adopted to answer some of the fundamental questions of quantum mechanics, and possibly expand the quantum mechanical description to a macroscopic system, "the classical big system!". One of the promising systems for the understanding of the macroscopic quantum system is the optomechanical system. Recently, the near ground-state cooling of these systems have been reported and rapid development in the quantum control of the optomehcanical system as well as the control with other quantum systems via hybridization are taking place. While a large variety of optomechanical systems in mass, frequency and dimensional size are developed, the implication of these variation for the understanding of the macroscopic quantum system is still unclear. The aim of this workshop is to review the current technologies on the optomechanical systems and to discuss possible new scientific interests for a macroscopic quantum mechanical system.


The session starts on February 21st morning and ends on February 23th afternoon.

Invited Speakers

Sungkun Hong (University of Vienna)
Yanbei Chen (California Institute of Technology)
Caslav Brukner (University of Vienna)
Haixing Miao (University of Birmingham)
Nobuyuki Matsumoto (University of Tokyo)
Lukas Buchmann (University of California, Berkeley)
Tom Purdy (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Kentaro Somiya (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Lajos Diosi (Wigner Research Centre for Physics)
Hiroyuki Katsuki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)


Registration fee is free. However, please register it for the organization. The banquet expected fee is 1,000 - 1,500 JPY.

Submission of Oral/Poster Presentation

Any contribution welcome. When the contribution exceeds the limitation of the oral slots, the organizers will select the contribution.

Travel Support

For the young researchers, the graduated students and the posdocs, we are providing financial support, with a limited number, for the accommodation located near the conference venue: Mishima lodge. This support is limited due to the grant.

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You can find the suitable hotel around the conference venue.


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Yutaka Shikano (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan, Chair)
Rekishu Yamazaki (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), the University of Tokyo)

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