Symposium on Quantum Fields in Dynamical Nature, on the occasion of Professor Izumi Ojima's retirement


March 5th (Thu.) - 6th (Fri.), 2015


Kyoto University, North Campus, Maskawa Hall


On the occasion of Professor Izumi Ojima's retirement, a symposium on quantum fields in dynamical nature will be held. Professor Izumi Ojima has been working on quantum field theory in connection with the dynamical nature since his early academic career. He has given great contributions to "interdisciplinary" fields among mathematics, mathematical physics, and theoretical physics from his original viewpoint of "Micro-Macro duality". Now, his research interest seems to go to the "living" aspect itself in the dynamical and creating nature ("natura naturans" in the old philosophical terminology). In this workshop, we would like to discuss with you quantum field theory, mathematical physics including theory of operator algebras, and molecular and life sciences.


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Confirmed Speakers

March 5th
Mauro D'Ariano, Toshiaki Kori, Erhard Seiler, Asao Arai, Klaus Fredenhagen, and Masanao Ozawa

March 6th
Kazuya Okamura, Yutaka Shikano, Kazuyuki Kuchitsu, Masahito Hasegawa, and Hayato Saigo

Professor Izumi Ojima's Final Lecture

March 6th (Fri.) 15:30 - 16:30


The conference fee is free. The registration deadline is March 2nd (Mon.). The accommodation should be booked by yourself. Sorry for inconvenience. The accommodation map is seen here.

Banquet (18:00 - 20:00 March 6th)

The venue is "Fortune Garden Kyoto".
The banquet fee is 10,000 JPY. We go to the banquet venue from the conference venue by the shuttle bus.


Masanao Ozawa (Nagoya University), Masahito Hasegawa (RIMS, Kyoto University), Hayato Saigo (Nagahama Bio University), and Yutaka Shikano (Institute for Molecular Science)


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